Family Income Benefit Cover

What is the Family Income Benefit?

The Family Income Benefit is a new policy that would provide a monthly income supplement to families who earn below a certain threshold, thus helping to reduce poverty and improve the standard of living for these families. The benefit would be universal in its application, meaning it can go to any family with children under 18 years old who earns below this amount – no matter what

What are the requirements to receive it

To be eligible for the Family Income Benefit, a household would have to meet the following requirements:

  • The household must have an income that is below a certain threshold
  • The household must have at least one child who is below the age of 18
  • The household must be resident in the United Kingdom

How much money could a family receive each month?

The amount of money that a family could receive each month would depend on their income and family size. Eligible families would receive a monthly income supplement that would help to reduce poverty and improve their standard of living.

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