Ideal Home: Could these front door numbers increase the value of your home?

This was a fun article to contribute to for @idealhome, does the door number of a home really affect the value of it
Though it’s not exactly something you can control if you’re selling your home, a new study indicates that the number on your door could increase the value of your home by up to 8%.

So which numbers are the luckiest for raking in the cash – and which numbers might indicate that you’ll have a trickier time selling

Research found that houses with the number 1 on the door generally sold for 8% more than other homes, with house number 2 following in a close second, selling for 5% more than the average, overall

Michelle Niziol, estate agent and founder of IMS Property Group, explained that, while door numbers have never been an issue for her clients, some do appear to be more appealing to certain buyers.

‘In my experience, I haven’t ever encountered any issues in houses selling due to the door number, and it has never really been a common question that potential buyers ask.’

‘However, number 1 is the most attractive door number in the UK, and it is known that odd-number houses usually sell for £30,000 more than even numbers. But really, this can be due to many other factors including location, quality of the house and design and price to begin with.’

In fact, Michelle advises that, if you are considering buying a certain home, the door number should be the last thing you think about.

‘I would always advise a buyer to not put any emphasis on a door number when it comes to selling or buying a house, as there are definitely other, more important things to focus on,’ she says.


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