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It’s long been said that bricks and mortar are one of the best asset classes to invest in due to the capital appreciation in property over the long term. This is when compared to other investment vehicles such as stocks and shares.

Investing a small or large amount in property, whether it is a property you want to live in or rent out, is an exciting proposition, but it can be a daunting process. This is why we treat the investment as if it was our own.

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Property investments with IMS Property Group

Tailored Personal Investment Services

We offer a personal and tailored property investment and management service to help find your ideal property. We take great pride in sourcing a range of properties, many of which are not for sale on the open market or on any of the property portals. When we have found your property, we will negotiate the sale on your behalf, achieving the best possible price based on your budget.

We can also manage the financing of the property and any development or refurbishment work that needs to be undertaken. Whether the property needs totally rebuilding or minor alterations, we will work with our recommended team of builders, interior designers and bespoke furniture makers to organise this, taking all of the stress and strain of the project away from you.

All of this under one roof by a team of property experts who will provide expert advice and guidance at every step of the way.

Holiday Let Mortgages

At IMS, we want to make your holiday let mortgage process as simple and easy as possible. We are experienced in the holiday let mortgage area and have access to all specialist mortgage lenders because we are independent and whole of market mortgage brokers.

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Property Buying

Exclusive properties aren’t often promoted on the open market, so it’s more likely to be about ‘who you know’ not ‘what you know’ when it comes to finding your ideal home.

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Property Development

We have experience project managing different property developments, from purchase through to resale. So, before you think about going it alone, consider the benefits of getting someone else to do it. We will take on the day-to-day management of the development and liaise with builders and tradespeople. But we will also ensure that you, as the client, are kept informed of progress.

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Property Investment Case Studies

Read our Case Studies from our recent investment works

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People before Property

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