Top Tips to Sell your Home this Summer

9th July, 2018

If you’re keen to sell your home this summer, there are some quick fixes you can do to make your home more sellable, including a fresh coat of paint to the walls, a brightly coloured front door, and landscaping in the garden.

If your estate agent hasn’t been out already, ask them to come round to take new pictures of your home, as homes with seasonal photos are more likely to appeal to buyers using online portals.

 You should look to minimalise personal possessions. A ‘blank canvas’ can help buyers to visualise how their furniture, belongings and personal style can be added to the property. Also, ensure each room is set out as it was intended, so a dining room should be a dining room and not a storage area. This will give buyers a better idea of how they can utilise the space.

 Things like uneven shelves, loose door handles and missing tiles are often overlooked by sellers but they can be off-putting. They are often cheap, quick and easy to fix and can improve the overall ‘look and feel’ of the house.

 The Summer holidays are typically a quieter time for the housing market as buyers and sellers alike go away, so do your best to book the majority of your viewings in June and early July. With regards to the World Cup, some people might be more reluctant to drag their partners out to do viewings if they clash with the games. By the same token, some homeowners may not want to have viewings during the World Cup as they could interfere with game times.

 If you haven’t put your home on the market yet, make sure you do your homework and find out what prices similar properties in the area are selling for. Try to get a valuation of your property from two or three different estate agents and don’t always choose the highest or lowest valuation.  Choose the one who gives you the most confidence that their coverage will maximise the number of buyers that will hear about your property.