The Property Market in Oxfordshire is waking up – are you?

8th June, 2020

The Property Market in Oxfordshire is waking up – are you?

How to sleep like a baby when selling your home in Oxfordshire.

We discover why people are having sleep problems and what they can do to help themselves get a better night’s rest—a 2-minute read.

According to a BBC report, people across the UK are struggling to get a good night’s sleep since the Covid-19 outbreak began.

Researchers from King’s College London interviewed more than 2,254 UK residents aged between 16-75, and the findings were fascinating – more newsworthy than snoozeworthy.

The survey suggests more than half of the population have had problems sleeping since the outbreak.
Concerns keeping people up included money worries, health fears and general anxiety about the future.
And disturbed sleep is a vicious circle as the researchers explained. Dr Ivana Rosenzweig said: “Stress can cause sleepless nights. And feeling tired and irritable can cause more stress, so it’s a damaging cycle.”

Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep💤

If you’re struggling to reach the land of nod, try these four tips from sleep expert Dr Simon Kyle.

1)    Avoid caffeine – Consuming tea, coffee, soft drinks or even chocolate late in the day can keep you up at night.
2)    Knock napping on the head – Resist the urge to have a lockdown siesta – you’ll regret it later that evening.
3)    It’s a blackout – Simply lying down undisturbed in a dark bedroom can help ease you into a deeper, more refreshing sleep.
4)    The great outdoors – exercising, especially outdoors, has many benefits, including helping your mind and body relax. But don’t overdo it in the evening.  This can have the opposite effect by over-stimulating your brain.

Rise and Shine 🌞

After the first couple of phases of the lockdown have been eased the property market in Oxfordshire has awoken with a start.

We’re now seeing great interest levels from buyers and sellers keen to move on after months after uncertainty.

And while selling your home can be a stressful experience, here are the team at IMS top three tips to help you rest easier at night during the process.

1)    Choose a good estate agent – The cheapest is rarely the best option so invite three around to your home to value it. Choose who you feel will do the best job based on rapport, their previous results and their evidence-based valuation.
2)    Get your paperwork in order – Being organised as early in the selling process as possible will mean you won’t get sleepless nights wondering where warranties or legal documents are.
3)    Book your removals company in advance – Good removals companies are often busy so ensure you give yourself plenty of time to get quotes and pencil them in ahead of your completion day.

We’ve plenty of other expert advice to help soothe any selling stress you might have.

It’s based on over 20 years experience in the Oxfordshire property market.

We’re confident if you choose us to help you move, you’ll be sleeping like a well-fed baby wrapped up in a snuggly warm blanket. 

Stay safe, stay sensible and remember, don’t check your phone before you head off to bed.