Michelle Niziol, the Apprentice 2016 Candidate

14th October, 2016

All You Want to Know About Michelle Niziol, the Apprentice 2016 Candidate

Michelle Niziol, who has had articles about her in national newspapers such as The Sun, is a strong headed business woman. Owner of a triad of businesses including a mortgage company, a letting company and a real estate agency, she is a property magnate in the making.
She is one of the 18 candidates appearing in The Apprentice 2016.

The Apprentice Is Back With a Bang

The hugely popular show is back on our TVs screening Thursdays at 9 PM. The winner will receive an investment of £250,000 from Lord Sugar himself to grow this business. A total of 18 candidates are participating in this series, 9 men and 9 women to become the next apprentice under Lord Sugar.

Michelle is Fearless

During an interview to commemorate the launch of the season, she said “I have no fear of anybody else; no one intimidates me.”
That speaks a lot about her confidence, and that she is not afraid to create her own path.

The Oxfordshire-based entrepreneur is a self-professed workaholic, and her rigorous schedule sees her packing in 15 to 17 hours every day with unwavering confidence.

The Strong Woman in Her Likes to Take Care of Her Finances

She likes to be at the top of things, and prefers to be the source of her income rather than relying on her husband.
But there’s some very personal sentiment attached to that belief.

Her father had left her mother when she was really young. Niziol brought her sister up and put a roof over her head. Her relentless pursuit is really her way of looking after herself and her son and her family.

“I am with my husband, because I love him, and because I don’t need his money. I am not a kept woman”. She goes on to say that her husband prefers the silly, fun and motherly side of her over the resolute, businesswoman in her. However, she takes all of that in her stride with cool confidence.

She even said that she’d like to teach Lord Sugar a few things about women in business.

More About Michelle Niziol

Although Michelle was evicted from the show in the first episode of The Apprentice, one cannot ignore her long list of accomplishments and achievements. She won Barclays manager of the month in June 2011, voted in by top industry experts of the time.

In December 2015, Build Real Estate and Property Awards nominated IMS Independent Mortgage Solutions Ltd as South East’s Best Independent Mortgage Broker. Currently, Michelle writes regular features as a columnist for What Mortgage and First Time Buyers Magazine.

About Her Business Ventures

She started Independent Mortgage Solutions, the mortgage company, after years of experience working as an independent mortgage broker in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. The company’s offerings are available UK wide. Michelle puts in total commitment and attention to each of her clients to find them the most competitive deals.

She then went on to launch a letting company, IMS Lettings Solutions in July 2015. With exceptional and in depth know-how of the lettings and property market, the business offers a professional lettings management service for tenants as well as landlords in Bicester and the neighbouring areas. The company aims to provide value for money by helping clients save money and by delivering better service.

Her third venture is IMS Property Solutions, which helps clients find the right property to invest in. Having worked with various estate agents over the years, Michelle knows what works and what doesn’t to bring to the table, a unique insight to the advantage of her clients.

You can read the full article by The Sun on their website here

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