Premium Property Solutions

5th October, 2020

High net worth clients often find that high street lenders do not offer the right level of expertise to cater for their needs. Our premium clients may have:

  • Complex income
  • Multiple income streams
  • Foreign currency income
  • A number of assets that need to be considered to leverage the application

All of which are outside the comfort zone of most lenders.


We specialise in securing large loans of £1,000,000 and above from our unrestricted panel of private banks and specialist lenders and take the time to understand your requirements in order to provide a bespoke financial solution. We will ensure an entirely smooth process, approached specifically in line with your objectives.


IMS is built on group of companies that provide any possible property service from lettings to estate agency to property refurbishment, development and finance. We now specialise in providing bespoke solutions for investment clients, through purchasing investment properties, developing the properties and internally providing the most lucrative letting solution. We advise you for your specific requirements to all your property needs, managing with conviction the entire process, end to end.


If you are in need of a large loan or are looking for a million pound mortgage or above then contact Michelle Niziol on,  or call her directly on 01869 927101.