Nightmare Before Christmas: A Cautionary Tale for Landlords

20th December, 2021

This two-minute tale takes inspiration from a classic Christmas poem.


‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

That was until Mum and Dad, joint owners of a rental property, received a panicked phone call from their tenant.


What was the matter?

In a highly charged conversation, the tenant explained that a pipe had burst and was causing severe water damage. 

The problem needs to be sorted – ASAP!

Dad, who had been hoping to settle his brain for a long winter’s nap, springs from his bed and hotfoots it over to the property.

Meanwhile, Mum desperately tries to find a plumber who can help (their usual one must be enjoying a few well-earned festive pints as he’s not answering his phone).

After several stressful hours, the leak is fixed, and the tenant is comfortable in a hotel.

Mum and Dad collapse into bed. They grab a few hours of sleep before their children excitedly shake them awake. It’s Christmas Day. But neither of them feels very merry.


It was just bad timing

The whole episode hangs heavy over Christmas Day. But is there anything else Mum and Dad could have done?

They keep their investment flat in good condition. The leak was just bad luck, wasn’t it?


What about a letting agent?

Oh yes. If Mum and Dad had used the services of a letting agent, things would have been different.

The panicked call from the tenant wouldn’t have come through to them at all. The mad search for a plumber and alternative digs for the tenant would have been the agent’s responsibility.

Mum and Dad would have slumbered all snug in their beds through the whole episode. 


What happened next?

As they both have busy jobs, and family time is so important to them, Mum and Dad decide to use a letting agent. 

That way, they can focus on what they do best professionally and leave the day-to-day realities of property management to an expert.

Best of all, they know that next Christmas – and at any special time of the year – they can completely relax. Now that’s a happily ever after we can raise a glass to.


From the team at IMS Property Solutions, Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!