Michelle’s Real Estate Roundup – June 2019

3rd June, 2019

Hello and welcome to my monthly newsletter, Michelle’s Real Estate Roundup!

I’m Michelle, you may know me from my stint on Season 12 of the Apprentice, my regular appearances on Sky TV’s Property Question Time & Property Elevator, or from one of my podcast shows, Michelle’s Property Corner, Niziol Bespoke Property Matters, or Michelle Means Business.

I am the founder and chief executive of the IMS Property Group and Michelle Niziol Ltd., a group of five property investment and management companies in Oxfordshire; all of which strive to achieve one goal; to help my clients (from first-time buyers to experienced investors), achieve their property dreams. Whether you want to buy your first home, expand your property empire, or simply earn enough steady income to retire, I have made it my business to get you there!

Each month, my team and I will be addressing the top issues and concerns of both UK property investors and hopefuls alike, as together we dive into fresh topics aimed at helping you establish and grow your property portfolio.