Michelle’s Real Estate Roundup – July 2019

1st July, 2019

Hello and welcome to my monthly newsletter, Michelle’s Real Estate Roundup!

Each month, my team and I will be addressing the top issues  and concerns of both UK property  investors and hopefuls alike, as together we dive into fresh topics aimed at helping you establish and grow your property portfolio.

In our July edition we cover; the pros and cons of adding an HMO to your portfolio, how to properly value the ROI of your property, my podcast interview with international businessman and property developer Neville Wright and much more!

Understanding and navigating the UK property market can be a tricky endeavour, which is why we at Michelle Niziol Ltd. and the IMS Property Group have dedicated ourselves to delivering the best property investment and management service in Oxfordshire.

No hidden costs or surprises, just straight-forward, honest property advice!