IMS Property Group’s Michelle Niziol on encouraging women into careers in property

3rd January, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of the property sector, a pressing challenge persists—the industry remains predominantly male-dominated. In our pursuit of inclusivity and diversity across all professional fields, it becomes imperative to address the gender disparity within real estate, construction, and property development. Encouraging more women to not only enter but thrive in this dynamic and lucrative industry is not just a matter of equality; it’s a strategic imperative for driving growth and innovation.

One significant hurdle hindering women from pursuing careers in the property sector is a lack of awareness and education about the vast opportunities available within the field. To bridge this gap, targeted educational initiatives, outreach programs, and mentoring opportunities are essential. By fostering an early understanding of the industry, women can make informed decisions about embarking on a career in property.

Mentoring programs emerge as a powerful tool to shape the trajectory of women in the property sector. Pairing aspiring professionals with experienced mentors provides invaluable guidance and support, helping them navigate challenges and build the necessary skills and confidence for success. Creating a culture where successful women actively participate as mentors is crucial, offering a beacon of inspiration for the next generation.

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Michelle Niziol, an esteemed figure in the industry, shares her insights on creating a more inclusive and dynamic future for the property sector.