House listings increase in Oxford

14th April, 2022

House listings increase in Oxford

House listings have increased in Oxford. Plus, the number of new homes listed for sale in Britain rose in March for the first time in 12 months. This potentially takes some of the heat out of a surge in house prices.

Meanwhile, plans for 317 homes have been sent to Oxford City Council, for land at Canalside – south of the A40 and part of the wider Oxford North proposals.

Oxford North is seeking to become the city’s ‘new innovation district’. Also, to be a ‘unique home and workplace for scientists, technologists and inventors’.

Split into three areas, Canalside will take up a large section of the 480 homes proposed.


House listings increase UK wide

The balance for new buyer demand was +9%, making March the closest the market has come to balance between trends in supply and demand since the coronavirus pandemic began.

Simon Rubinsohn, RICS chief economist, said: “It is encouraging that a little more stock appears to be returning to the market.

“This is still early days in that inventory remains not far off historic lows. But if the trend continues, it could help to create a better balance between supply and demand.”

However, he said there is still a way to go until this become long-term enough to thwart price increases in the industry.

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