High Net Worth Mortgage Clients at IMS

7th October, 2020


Case Study 1

Our high net worth client lived and worked in Milan, he is a foreign national with complex income in excess of 2 million per annum, paid in Euros. He wanted to raise funds to purchase an exclusive £1.75m property in Oxford which would be occupied by the client when visiting his employers UK office.

Unfortunately, no high street lender would offer him a mortgage because he was a foreign national and non UK resident, therefore was not a UK tax payer, and he was also being paid in a foreign currency.

Through our market knowledge and expertise, we delivered a bespoke finance solution based on the client requirements with one of our international lenders. Due to the established relationship with the bank, they were happy to assess the application on an individual basis, the client’s residency, tax status and currency of income were not an issue and a mortgage of £1.2m was secured.


Case Study 2

Our wealthy client, had recently purchased a property in South Kensington for £4.25m. The client intended to the live in the property as his main residence but first wanted to complete a substantial redevelopment of the property including installing a basement.

Traditional lenders refused to lend to the client as the property would not remain habitable during the significant buildings works and therefore is deemed by many lenders as unsuitable security for a mortgage.

Using our connections with a private bank, we were able to agree a £1.2m mortgage at a highly competitive rate which included a flexible draw down facility enabling the client to draw down the funds in stages to cover the build costs as they fell due and limit the interest charged.



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