Business Protection Insurance

25th January, 2016

  • Does your business depend on the performance of some key people?
  • Does your business have debt that is supported by one or more people?
  • What happens to control of the business if a shareholder dies or becomes critically ill
  • Would you be interested to know where your business risks are and reviewing what arrangements are in place already?

We offer a bespoke risk assessment for your business protection needs, covering three key areas:

  • Immediate risk to your business
  • Profit protection (Key person protection)
  • Succession planning (Shareholder protection for Limited Companies and Partnership protection)

As part of our service we constantly review your protection needs as we understand your business is constantly changing.

Most business have the right insurance to protect their premises, clients and employees, but don’t have protection in place to protect the possible financial loss that might be incurred in the event of the death or illness of key individuals or the business owner. The loss of a key individual could result in reduced sales so loss of profit or turnover, increased workloads for staff, unexpected recruitment costs and the general disruption of expansion plans. To help ensure the survival of the business it’s important to have the suitable protection in place, business protection insurance.

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If you answered yes to any of the questions above please give us a call to discuss your options. We can conduct appointments over the phone, from the Bicester office or at your home or office in Oxfordshire or London. If you require any further information or wish to arrange an appointment please feel free to call (01869 248339) or complete the enquiry form on the contact page and I will get back to you as soon as possible.