Avoiding the Stamp Duty Rush! – Get your properties on the market by 26 September

22nd September, 2020

Propertymark has launched a consumer campaign telling sellers in England that the optimum date to be on the market by is 26 September. This will reduce the chance of missing out on the Stamp Duty holiday deadline of 31 March 2021.

With so much interest already shown for the Stamp Duty holiday from vendors including those looking to buy-to-let due to only having to pay the higher rate, factoring in the average time it takes to complete on a property once an offer is accepted, the March deadline doesn’t appear to be that far away.

The Propertymark guide for consumers is to explain how to make the most of the time you have before the Stamp Duty window closes. Graphics highlighting the countdown, are being shared with Propertymark members across all channels hammering home the benefits of getting a property on the market by 26 September.

The guide also includes the importance of choosing a Propertymark Protected Agent (which we are!) and links to advice and tips on showing how vendors can get prepared for a speedy sale and reduce the chance of a fall-through.

The Propertymark Sales Protocol Toolkit includes the Property Information Questionnaire which is important at this stage as it provides all the material about a property.

The Propertymark Sales Protocol Toolkit is designed to speed up the buying and selling process as well as giving transparency, certainty and winning instructions. Head over to Propertymark to find out more about this!

*Content courtesy of Propertymark*