‘Workaholic’ Michelle Niziol

18th October, 2016

Michelle Niziol who recently made headlines in the Daily Mail Online about this edition of The Apprentice by becoming the first candidate to get fired by Lord Sugar. While the elimination might have been a setback for the savvy mortgage company owner, the gutsy lady can teach us quite a few lessons in handling failure.
Whether you are an entrepreneur, student, homemaker or anyone seeking inspiration, Niziol’s journey, from getting selected for the popular business show to her exit, is worth analysing, understanding and getting motivated.

Being a Strong Candidate

Being chosen as a candidate for The Apprentice is no small feat. The candidates are chosen over several thousands of other aspirants. Her experience as a strong-minded businesswoman certainly seemed to have empowered Niziol to break through challenges successfully and be selected as a strong applicant!
The lady is one versatile businesswoman with multiple businesses under her wing. Niziol handles a mortgage company, a property lettings company, and is a successful estate agent as well.
Being a businesswoman is a leap forward. But being successful in industries such as Lettings and Property Sales, which are known for their ruthless, intimidating, and unfair ways of the game, is far beyond a leap.
Niziol won as a candidate, and faced subsequent challenges in the business reality show, including the intimidating Lord Sugar, on her sheer guts, will power, mental stamina, independent spirit, and perseverance.
A straight shooter, the lady did not shy away from bringing up her family details.

She revealed how she was forced to become independent at a very young age after the family was abandoned by her father. One got to see her responsible and committed nature as well when she revealed her role in bringing up her sister.

With so many attributes packed in, Niziol deserved to be a formidable candidate!

Doing the Best on the Job

Niziol was appointed the project leader for the all-girls team – Team Nebula. The role saw the skilled estate agent owner leading a team of girls on a Wimbledon car boot sale. The team was required to locate the treasure in the trash, and sell the car boot sale items for as high an amount as possible.
Niziol, a self-admitted workaholic, adeptly guided the team, getting the girls visit different antique shops in London to acquire sales. The sales and the running-around-shops is a tough job. However; the team handled it well under the guidance of Niziol.
While Team Nebula lost to its competing all-boys team – Team Titan – Niziol put in her best to guide the girls to victory. Team Nebula made £959 in sales while Team Titan won with £1,428 in sales to its credit.
As with life, you win sometimes and you lose sometimes. What matters is the knowledge that you have put in your best efforts.

Refusing to Be Intimidated

You cannot obviously manage multiple businesses by being a pushover. Niziol admits she doesn’t let anyone intimidate her. By her own admission, she puts in a whopping 17 hours a day at work blatantly dismissing any attempts at intimidation by anyone.
Not surprising that the strong-minded estate agent was able to face the very intimidating Lord Sugar and his threatening “You’re Fired” dismissal.

Being Gracious in Defeat

A real test of character is the way you behave in defeat. Niziol shows her mettle with her acceptance of team loss. She admits that she is responsible, as a leader, for the loss of the team. Acceptance of the onus of failure on behalf of the team is a true mark of a leader.
Niziol demonstrates the right mindset as well, with good words for teammates and even Lord Sugar. With the right attitude, a leader emerges a winner despite defeat.
With her business expertise, leadership skills, and unyielding spirit, Michelle Niziol manages to charm audiences despite being fired. Her stay on the Show, though short, was memorable. While she may have tasted defeat, this courageous lady is sure to reach great heights with her never-say-die attitude, and inspire many in the process.