Supporting our Schools, Enriching our Community

At IMS Property Group, we’re passionate about building strong communities through the education sector. We’re currently partnering with Parent-Teacher Associations (PTA) to make a meaningful impact on our local schools.

From hampers to raffle prizes and event supplies, we believe in enhancing every facet of the school experience. Our donations aim to support PTA led initiatives, creating vibrant and engaging events throughout the year as well as help subsidise school trips.

Beyond material support, we’re committed to making a lasting financial impact. For every new customer that uses the mortgage, lettings, or estate agency service at IMS, a percentage of the fee will go directly to the participating school that referred you. Your partnership is a direct investment in the future of education.

We understand that strong communities are built on the foundation of quality education. By choosing to work with IMS, you not only receive exceptional mortgage and estate agency services but also actively contribute to the growth and well-being of our local schools.

At IMS, its more than business- it’s a commitment to empowering the next generation.

Together, lets build a brighter future for our Schools

People before Property

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